National Privacy & Data Governance Congress

National Privacy & Data Governance Congress

Learn, share and network at the 2016 National Privacy & Data Governance Congress. Join industry experts, risk management professionals, thought leaders and regulatory authorities to explore critical connections between privacy, access, security and compliance.

Join speakers, delegates and thought leaders with shared interests in privacy, access and security. Colleagues from public and private institutions, federal, provincial and territorial governments, industry, academia and regulatory authorities will meet in a relaxed setting to enjoy workshop, breakout, keynote and plenary sessions.

Congress 2016 takes a refreshingly practical approach. Breakout sessions are longer than at most conferences, but formal presentations are shorter. Speakers offer practical examples and case studies, but are discouraged from using PowerPoint or similar tools (or distractions). That gives you, the person who wants to learn, time to ask questions and get real, unscripted answers. There’s time for hands-on workshops and demonstrations. And there’s always time for engaging conversation with speakers and delegates so that you can connect, share ideas, and build intellectual capital while enhancing individual skills through a unique professional development opportunity.

If you’ve attended a previous PACC Congress or other event, you know that you will receive solid content and be spared from listening to vendor pitches. Sponsors who are selected to participate are chosen because their wares are relevant to professionals in the access-to-information, privacy and data governance community in Canada. Sponsors’ representatives often participate in the event, but that doesn’t give any sponsor the license to pitch their product during a session or workshop. After all, you’re attending to learn; you’re not attending to be sold to.

After attending Congress 2016 you’ll look at traditional conferences differently.


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