Cybera connects The Banff Centre to Seattle Internet Exchange

Effective this week, creativity at The Banff Centre will be enhanced by faster internet connectivity. Hundreds of artists, business leaders, and international guests will now have speedier access to sites like Google, YouTube and Facebook, provided through a Cybera-hosted connection to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX).

The Banff Centre is the second post-secondary institution in Alberta to connect to the SIX using Cybera’s new transit exchange services, which allow users to bypass regular commercial Internet queues en route to a selection of high-traffic sites. The University of Alberta has been using Cybera to connect to the SIX since early January.

“Cybera’s new networking services enable our members to get the most cost-effective direct access to major Internet sites, regardless of whether that member is located in a major city or nestled in the Rocky Mountains,” says Robin Winsor, President and CEO of Cybera.

The Banff Centre’s commitment to fostering creativity in all artistic disciplines, including digital and new media, means fast and reliable Internet access is integral to its operations. According to Melinda Sampson, Manager, IT Infrastructure & Services, the Centre’s greatest traffic loads come in the summer months when the campus hosts multiple programs, events, and conferences. Guests typically show up with three or four mobile devices and it’s during those high-demand times when the faster connection will really pay off.

“This initiative will make a real difference during our busy periods,” said Sampson. “Artists, researchers and conference guests will benefit from this because it’s going to reduce the congestion on our commercial Internet connection.”

The University of Alberta is already seeing the benefits of its connection to Cybera’s transit exchange earlier this year. The connection has been running smoothly with no unscheduled outages and traffic continues to grow each week. Looking ahead, Cybera is preparing to partner with CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, to establish a peering connection with the Toronto Internet Exchange. Cybera’s connection to the SIX is enabled by a partnership with BCNET, the advanced network in British Columbia. To use Cybera’s transit exchange service, a connection to CyberaNet, the advanced network operated by Cybera, or to the Alberta SuperNet, is required.

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