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Cybera has a contract with WBM Technologies until July 2022 to deliver an End User Computing (EUC) strategy. This includes complete EUC technology procurement and lifecycle services. The contract is open to all ShareIT members.

In February 2017, Cybera signed a master agreement with WBM Technologies for an initial term of 3.5 years. The contract was renewed in 2020 for an additional two years.This master agreement introduces a wide array of hardware, including desktops, laptops, thin clients, monitors, and peripherals for higher education use from a variety of tier one manufacturers. Hardware and value-added services are available to ShareIT members at significantly discounted pricing.

About WBM Technologies

WBM Technologies was established May 1, 1950, and today provides technology services to many of Western Canada’s largest and most progressive businesses. The company employs over 220 people, with offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Regina. WBM provides services in four core business areas: End User Computing, Enterprise Service Desk, Managed Print, and Data & Security. Their work with organizations across Canada has them ranked number 41 on the MSPmentor list of the world’s Top 501 Managed Services Providers, making them the third largest managed IT supplier in Canada.

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