AWS Cloud Services

Cybera has a three-year contract with Softchoice to provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services. This contract is open to all ShareIT members.

In February 2019, Cybera signed a master service agreement with Softchoice for an initial term of 3 years. Softchoice is a full-service certified AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP). It helps organizations to use AWS and improve the effectiveness of their research and education goals.

The catalogue includes the following services:

  • Managed billing: Access to the Softchoice billing dashboard and billing support.
  • Reserved Instance (RI) Modelling: RI recommendations along with quarterly cost optimization insights.
  • Quarterly insights into risks of security exposure.
  • Softchoice AWS Solution Architects: ShareIT Education discount is available on professional services rates.

  • Softchoice AWS Accelerator program:

    • Education on AWS and the selection of a production workload
    • Reference architecture using automation and Infrastructure as Code
    • Complete cloud migration
    • Managed Cloud Services: Cost management, technical support & on-going mentorship.

  • Training Development:

    • Exclusive monthly webinar series centered on savings and security best practices.

    • Discounts on AWS training.
    • Focused hands-on keyboard training sessions through AWS Immersion Days.
    • Virtual AWS 101 level & Core Services training session.

About Softchoice

Softchoice is one of the largest IT solution and managed service providers in North America. Softchoice enables organizations to realize the full benefits of public cloud and a modern IT infrastructure through solution design, implementation, asset management, and assessment services, as well as ongoing support and mentorship through managed services. With access to one of the most efficient and cost-effective technology supply chains in North America, Softchoice also ensures products get to our customers quickly and in a trouble-free way.

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