Cybera's IT Services: The power of members working together 

Cybera’s services utilize an advanced system of networks and computers to create new efficiencies and keep Alberta at the forefront of technological change. These services are available to government, educational institutions, not-for-profits, and business incubators, as well as some individual researchers and entrepreneurs.

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Network solutions

Cybera is helping incubators, educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations to significantly increase their networking efficiencies, and reduce internet costs, through:

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Shared services

Our ground-breaking shared services are changing the way educators and governments adopt, build, work, and collaborate on IT tools and initiatives:

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Cloud resources for new enterprises

The future of innovation requires powerful computing tools. Cybera provides and supports cloud computing infrastructure for testing of ideas and bringing products to market:



Data Science

Cybera is testing and developing tools and services to help the public/education sector rein in their big data.

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Cybera frequently voices the need for more shared services, network expansions, and improved internet access and efficiencies. We are creating a community of public and educational representatives that champions these vital digital services and utilities for everyone, everywhere.