Data science

Making sense of the data-filled world around us

Data science is a rapidly evolving field. It uses a scientific approach to analyze data stemming from a variety of sources — such as open, sensor or social media data — to extract descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights. Cybera believes utilizing data to its fullest extent is a powerful way to create efficiencies, and drive new policies and decision-making.


In June 2016, Cybera formed a data science team that draws from the company’s strong experience in scientific research, software development, and DevOps. Their goal is to encourage the learning and adoption of data science practices through:

  1. Collaborating on data science for social good projects
  2. Democratizing access to data science tools
  3. Advising and widely disseminating their knowledge and use of data products

Tools We’re Using

Getting Started

  • Connect with Cybera's Data Science team to learn more about data science tools and processes, or exploring a data science project with us. 

News and Publications

  • Review of Canadian Broadband

    • Cybera’s data science team explored broadband statistics in Canada, and found evidence of major geographic disparities.
    • For full results, please see our Tech Radar Blog Posts: Part 1 and Part 2.