When technology entrepreneurs and researchers need to test new apps, products and services in a quick and cost-effective online environment, DAIR can help.

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DAIR provides a free testbed for small- and medium-sized companies and individual researchers who have ideas for complex, large-scale products, but lack the digital infrastructure to create it themselves. 

Using DAIR’s advanced technologies, entrepreneurs can customize and scale virtual machines to develop, test and demonstrate their innovative products, giving them a significant market advantage and accelerating product development.

Funding for DAIR comes from CANARIE. Cybera and Compute Canada provide the research computing and data storage services.

Potential uses for DAIR:

  • Social network analysis
  • Game based simulations
  • Scalable notification systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Multimedia platforms
  • Games, including massively multiplayer online games
  • IT security systems
To find out more about DAIR, or to apply, visit CANARIE's website.