Peering Service Details

Technical requirements for the Peering Service:

  1. Public sector and not-for-profit organizations that want to be part of the Peering Service need a physical network connection to CyberaNet or the Alberta SuperNet.
  2. Members need their own public IP address (Class C minimum).
  3. When the Peering Service is set up with the required routing system, the member will be connected to both CyberaNet as well as their commercial Internet Service Provider. This will require the member to be set up for multi-homing. Cybera will provide the documentation required for this set up. This does not apply to members who are in the Internet Buying Group.
  4. Once the physical connection and contract are in place, Cybera works with members to test and monitor the connection.
  5. Members can access the CyberaNet Portal to view their bandwidth statistics.