Water and Environmental Hub

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The Challenge:

To create an open web platform that collects and and makes accessible water and environmental data. This data can then be made available through an application programming interface (API) that can be customized by anyone in industry, academia, government, or the general public.

The Solution:

The Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) connects water data and information gathered from a variety of sources, allowing users to access, share and model the data. As well as being a one-stop shop for water-related information, the WEHUB also delivers an innovative aggregator linked with a unified output service (API). This enables users to develop customized applications using the aggregated data.

How This Affects You:

The WEHUB offers tools that anyone can use to access and analyze information on water management, conditions and events such as droughts or floods.

The platform also makes it easy to create apps based on its environmental data. For example, a free Flowchart app developed by the WEHUB team displays information from Alberta Environment on specific river and reservoir flows, snow depth, temperatures, and incoming solar radiation.

The applications developed through WEHUB will have numerous uses for consumers, industries and scientists.


The initial phase of this project, funded by Western Economic Diversification, the University of Lethbridge, and Cybera, ran from 2010 to 2012. It is now managed by the not-for-profit agency Explorus Data Solutions.


# of sensor/sampling datasets: 1,826

# of dataset themes: 146

# of web service feeds: 13

# of start-ups: 1

# of apps: 1

# of global partners: 10+




Principal Investigator of WEHUB.

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Project funder.

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Project Manager, communications lead and co-funder.

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Co-developer of WEHUB.

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Technical advisor.