The Ecosys Experiment Environment (EEE)


The ecosys modeling project was dedicated to the construction and testing of a comprehensive mathematical model (“ecosys”) of natural and managed ecosystems (agriculture, forests, savannah, grassland, tundra, desert). The program's goal was to provide a means to anticipate ecosystem behaviour under different environmental conditions (soils, climates and managements).

This research program supported planning for the impacts of climate, land use practices and soil management on primary productivity, soil and atmospheric quality and associated resource requirements (e.g. water, fertilizer) of terrestrial ecosystems as part of several national and international research programs.

In the EEE project, the Grid Research Centre developed a system that facilitated its research team in conducting an “ecosys experiment.” By incorporating various cyberinfrastructure components, the system eliminated the dependence on a programmer. The GRC investigated workflow management, metascheduling, grid middleware, data management and reusable web portlets to see how they could potentially be integrated into the EEE project.