Multi Media Processing

Simplifying the loading process of digital media files and enabling those files to work seamlessly on any media player device.

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The Challenge:

To simplify the repurposing and delivery process of digital media to enable television shows and movies to work seamlessly on any digital media player, from a cell phone to a set-top box, such as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

The Solution:

Initiated in May 2009, the Multi Media Processing project involved the creation of prototypes and middleware for a transcoding service that would improve the management and transformation process of different media files onto a media player. Typically, when downloading content files to a media player device, such as a cell phone, the files must be encoded in a particular way to be compatible with the device. Different devices usually require different encoding, making it complex and expensive for distributors to get their content onto a variety of devices. MoboVivo Inc is one such distributor.

MoboVivo licenses television shows and movies for web and mobile devices, such as the Blackberry and iPhone. The transcoding service developed by the Multi Media Processing project enabled users to download video that was usable on any media device. As part of Advanced Education and Technology’s Alberta Innovation Voucher Pilot Program, Cybera also provided research, development and consulting to MoboVivo on its Rapid Repurposing (RRT) and social media technology. The result was middleware that enable dMoboVivo to manage its multi device market strategy and to reach large audiences through popular applications for Facebook. One application, built on Cybera developed middleware, was a social media iPhone and iPod application called MoboVivo previiw, which allowed users to edit, share, and vote on television shows and movies.

Cyberinfrastructure at Work:

The Multi Media Processing project demonstrated the following cyberinfrastructure innovations:

  • Grid middleware to manage the transcoding process
  • Cloud computing to distribute the work on multiple processors and speed-up the transcoding process
  • Cloud computing resources for testing and incubation of the transcoding prototypes and middleware

How this Project Affects You:

The Multi Media Processing project enabled consumers to download their favourite television shows and movies to be usable on a variety of digital devices. This service is a fitting solution for today’s on-the-go society, where people, particularly youth, want their programs with them and viewable on any device, wherever they happen to be.


The Multi Media Processing project was valued at almost $215,000 with contributions from Cybera, the Government of Alberta, and MoboVivo.


  • Advanced Education and Technology, Government of Alberta
  • Cybera
  • Department of Information Technologies, University of Calgary
  • MoboVivo Inc.