GreenStar Network


The Challenge:

To study the impact of, create standards for measuring, and ultimately reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that arise from the information & communication technology (ICT) services.

The Solution:

The GreenStar Network (GSN) was funded by CANARIE to study the viability of ICT systems that run solely on renewable energy sources. To this end, the program sponsored five computer centre nodes supporting a cloud computing network across Canada that relied on solar rays, wind or water sources.

Cybera managed the Calgary-based node, which drew energy from eight solar panels, each producing over 230 Watts of power. The node and panels continue to be located on the northern rooftop of the Alastair Ross Technology Centre in the University of Calgary’s Research Park.

Cybera also participated in the drafting of the world’s first Carbon Measurement Protocol for ICT services.

How the GreenStar Network affects you:

As demand for ICT services increases, understanding how to reduce harmful GHG emissions within this system will benefit all Canadians. By utilizing 'clean' energy sources, the growth and development of this technology should have a reduced impact on the environment. Consumers will be able to use computer and mobile devices without worrying about what energy sources are powering them. The GSN is expected to be a cornerstone for continued innovation in Green ICT adoption and development, and will cement Canada’s position as an international leader in renewable technology.


This $2 million project was funded by CANARIE’s Green IT Program.