A system for sharing and analyzing data from the world's largest science projects.

SKA array

The Challenge:

The Square Kilometre Array being constructed in Australia and South Africa represents a massive data challenge: when completed, it will collect and transmit petabytes of data to astronomy researchers around the world. Improved digital infrastructure is needed to address this data-intensive need.

The Solution:

In 2013, a research team from the University of Calgary began developing the digital infrastructure needed to address the SKA’s data-intensive needs. The CyberSKA project uses Canada's advanced fibre-optic networks to move the large data sets being analyzed by researchers. This solution provides:

  • A multi-site portal to allow users to access global SKA data and collaboration tools
  • A functioning data distribution prototype that interfaces with the CyberSKA porta
  • Advanced data visualization, analytics and processing capabilities that could be accessed via the portal

How This Project Affects You:

The digital infrastructure technology created for CyberSKA could be valuable for a variety of industries that require the ability to access, visualize and process massive data sets, such as biotechnology, resource management, energy, information technology and other sectors.