Canadian Space Science Data Portal

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The Challenge:

To provide geographically dispersed researchers with access to simplified space science analytic tools and data.

The Solution:

The Canadian Space Science Data Portal (CSSDP) project was a custom web portal that provided space scientists with access to a wide range of information and tools. The project collected and integrated data from sources such as the THEMIS Mission, SuperDARN and the Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network (CHAIN). The result was a seamless interface that supported and strengthened Canadian efforts in international space missions, data analytics and space science discoveries. This information is used to study the influence of the sun on near-Earth space environment, including phenomena such as geomagnetic storms.

How CSSDP affects you:

The space weather fluctuations being studied through the CSSDP portal have been known to cause power outages, disturbances in communications, the failure of satellites, as well as forcing transpolar flight paths to be diverted, adding significant fuel costs to airlines. CSSDP provided data that could lead to space weather discoveries allowing electrical, airline, pipeline, and other satellite-sensitive sectors to better protect their systems from these disruptive impacts.


This $1.1 million project was jointly funded by Cybera and CANARIE.




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    •    University of California, Berkeley
    •    University of Calgary
    •    Augusburg College
    •    THEMIS Mission
    •    Canadian Space Agency e-POP Mission
    •    Magnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies (MACCS)
    •    NORthern Solar Terrestrial ARray (NORSTAR)
    •    National Resources Canada (CANMOS)
    •    Canadian Array for Realtime Investigations of Magnetic Activity (CARISMA)
    •    Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Netowork (CHAIN)
    •    Dominion Radio Astronomy Observatory (DRAO)

Background Sheet:

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Powerpoint presentations:

CSSDP / Cybera Cyberinfrastructure Technical Overview March 20, 2008

CANARIE Synergy Workshop  April 21-22, 2009