Completed projects

Cybera has run more than 25 projects, ranging in budget from $25,000 to almost $2 million and in scope from environmental data management to mobile app development. These projects have supported multi-partner virtual organizations and opened doors of opportunity for technology commercialization.

  • SKA small


    A web mapping tool that provides a geographically accurate source of Arctic data.

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  • SKA small


    A system for sharing and analyzing data from the world's largest science projects.

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  • LMC small

    Learning Management Cloud

    A shared cloud environment for school learning management systems that saves resources and money.

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  • cyber security3 small

    Secure Electronic Healthcare Record Infrastructure

    Incorporating digital rights management into existing Alberta health record systems.

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  • banner background small

    Water and Environmental Hub

    An online platform to share and access open water and environmental data.

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    TRLabs Service Composition

    Managing network bandwidth complexities related to on-demand network services, and seamlessly integrating those services with wireless devices.

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  • MoboVivo resized2

    Multi Media Processing

    Simplifying the loading process of digital media files and enabling those files to work seamlessly on any media player device.

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  • doctor2

    Health Care Aides and Technology

    To utilize mobile communication technologies in order to help rural Alberta health care aides work more efficiently and effectively

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  • GSNsolarpanels

    GreenStar Network

    Initiating a Canadian consortium of industry, universities and government agencies with the common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from information and communication technology services.

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  • ip3Sensors 2

    Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Sensing

    An online platform that allows scientists to gain and share new insights into the Earth’s climatic, biological and geological systems.

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  • nasa geothermal earth


    Providing customized collaboration tools for the management of environmental monitoring data and enabling geographically dispersed researchers to access and share information.

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  • EDM studio

    EDM Studio

    Reducing the barriers of cost and accessibility associated with a small company harnessing powerful computing resources. 

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  • DataGardens.preview

    DataGardens Virtualization

    Using virtualization technologies to provide seamless integration between multiple data centres. 

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  • child

    Community Health and Immunization Program

    Using cyberinfrastructure to expand and strengthen First Nations communities’ health services.

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  • CESWP web

    Cloud-Enabled Space Weather Modelling and Data Assimilation Platform

    Enabling researchers to collaborate and make sense of complex weather data, and to increase computational resource capacity, while reducing operational complexity and costs.

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  • CSSDP profile pic

    Canadian Space Science Data Portal

    Enabling researchers to access, share, and analyze diverse data sets spread geographically across the world.

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  • Smokestacks

    The Ecosys Experiment Environment (EEE)

    Anticipating ecosystem behavior under different environmental conditions.

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  • students on computers small

    Virtual Computing Lab

    Giving students access to class software from any internet-enabled device, doing away with the need for on-campus computer labs.

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  • activefolders


    ActiveFolders is a data transfer tool designed for ease of use within the research and HPC community.

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