Rapid Access Cloud for Classrooms

A free cloud computing resource for Alberta Educators.

Cybera’s Rapid Access Cloud is an award-winning resource that provides free cloud computing resources to Alberta-based academics for classroom and project use.


  • Resource quotas are flexible
  • So is the length of time the resources can be allocated*

*In some cases, we may ask classes to be broken into groups to help conserve resources, especially IPv4 addresses, which we have a very limited supply of.

Getting Started

Interested educators just need to contact us a minimum of two weeks before the start of their class. 

The information we need for classes is:

  • Class Size
  • Class Start Date
  • Amount of computing resources (CPUs, RAM) each student or group requires
  • If your institution is IPv6 enabled (click here to find out)
  • Any other relevant details about the class

Please fill out this form to get your class signed up for the cloud:

Want more information?

Contact us at: rac-admin@cybera.ca

Case study

A computing science at the University of Alberta has started an in-class hackathon, utilizing the Rapid Access Cloud.