You can automate that: tips and tools to be shared at Cyber Summit

digital blueprintAutomation is becoming the standard practice for IT departments and digital start-ups, and will be a high-profile topic at Cyber Summit 2014: Crowdsourcing Innovation.

Wondering if you should look into it?'۬'۬

Do you run your own infrastructure? Have you ever had a server break down? Automation allows you to fully identify what your configured server should look like, so you aren't dependent on often out-of-date documentation (or worse, information stored only in an expert's head) when you need to rebuild.'۬'۬

What seems obvious to an expert (and therefore goes undocumented) may not be obvious at all. Defining your infrastructure through code means that you capture even those "obvious" things (and, in the process, the knowledge of your experts) in a repeatable "recipe". When fully embraced, automation can become a much better way to document and communicate changes, helping companies to improve performance, reduce risks, and extend the life of their infrastructure.'۬'۬

The Cyber Summit will be holding a session on the culture changes needed to introduce automation to big or small work environments, with real-world tips and examples.'۬'۬

Find out more about these and other education sessions taking place this September 24-25 in Banff, AB.

The goal of Cyber Summit 2014: Crowdsourcing Innovation is to show how educators, researchers and innovators in the province are pooling resources to grow efficiencies and technical know-how.