What can you tell in an hour?

By Mary Anne Moser, Vice-President, Strategic Communications, Cybera
Barton at CANARIE2

The Cybera tech team in action

It took less than an hour on the job to learn that I had come into a land of riches. After talking a bit about the life of a sleep-deprived new father, Jean-Francois (who I knew from my earlier days at Netera) told me about Cybera's pilot project with school districts. Presto, the first potential news conference had presented itself.

By the end of my first week, I experienced first-hand what is clearly shaping Cybera's reputation: complete comfort with all things advanced and technical, a positive and creative environment, and the rare and precious combination of private sector nimbleness with public sector accountability.

It is this unique, neutral expert territory occupied by Cybera that makes this organization so important and more necessary now than ever before. I am thrilled to be joining at a time when the internet has all but become a utility '€” as important to society's economic future as electricity and heat. 

Cybera does the hard work of staying on the vanguard of technology, and making sure it is optimized for all Albertans '€” whether students, researchers or inventors. The nosebleed zone of high-speed networking and cloud computing is not everyone's cup of tea. So I am personally grateful to the people who do take the time to understand and work out these systems, since we all rely upon them.

That's Cybera. Its reputation for quality and vision extends well beyond the borders of the province.

Over the next six months, Cybera will be consulting widely with stakeholders in the province and partners across the country to develop a new three-year strategic plan. We need nimble leadership with a steady keel in this rapidly evolving world of technology, and I am looking forward to working with Cybera's management team on this core project. Clarifying the path forward, and communicating in no uncertain terms the role that Cybera will play in protecting the futures of all Albertans '€“ these are my top two priorities for the coming months.

I expect there will be a number of news conferences on the horizon as well, if my first hour on the job is any indication.