Technology workshops open to Albertans

In its role as Alberta'€™s not-for-profit technology guardian, Cybera is always looking to increase Albertans'€™ knowledge and awareness of available technology solutions to improve their efficiency, innovation and connectivity.

To this end, Cybera will be offering in-depth workshops at the 2014 Cyber Summit in Banff on September 24, which are open to anyone to attend.

These will include:

networking5 small1. Of Mice and Elephants: Supporting Research with the Science DMZ and Software Defined Networking

The Science DMZ is a computer subnetwork designed to be secure and handle large data transfers, without performance limits. Software-defined networking is part of the open networking movement that, like cloud computing, blurs the boundaries between networks and computers. Both are the future of networking, and will particularly benefit big data researchers, as Jason Zurawski of the US Energy Sciences Network will show in this workshop.

data02 small2. Delve into Data (And Learn How to Make It Pretty)

Data visualization is an important tool for the 21st century, assisting in both data analysis and the communication of results. The use of appropriate visualization techniques can greatly increase the ability to gain insight from big data. This workshop will give an introduction to visualization techniques using tools such as Tableau, and demonstrate how to enable data visualizations and analyses from web and mobile devices. It will be led by Dr. Craig Anslow of the University of Calgary and Cameron Kiddle of Calgary Scientific.

federated id23. Federated ID: The Alberta Solution

Cybera and CANARIE will present a workshop on the Alberta '€œFederation-as-a-Service'€ solution. The goal is to help institutions overcome the technical, policy, privacy and security obstacles of deploying a federated identity system for shared services. An open discussion will also be held on how to tie in municipalities, post-secondary institutions, K-12 school districts and the provincial government to this service.

Find out more about these workshops and other sessions taking place this September 24-25 in Banff, AB.

The goal of Cyber Summit 2014: Crowdsourcing Innovation is to showcase new technologies and spark discussions among educators, researchers and innovators in the province on how to pool resources to grow efficiencies and technical know-how.