Sundogs and Cyberinfrastructure

Cybera staff were greeted by a sundog on the drive into Lethbridge this morning. If you ask some of Cybera's team members working on the CSSDP project, you'll learn that the sundog, similar to a rainbow, is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates a halo around the sun.

Researchers in various disciplines attended for an afternoon of networking and were given the opportunity to meet Cybera's new president Robin Winsor and hear his take on cyberinfrastructure in the province. Robin compared the high speed research network to Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone —€” it is not very effective on its own without anything connected to the other end. Cybera continues to work to get Albertans connected.

Sundog near Fargo

If you'd like to meet Robin and the team at Cybera, we invite you to join us at the upcoming Open House events in Calgary on February 10th and in Edmonton on February 11th.