Students present at BCNET Broadband Innovation Challenge

Students Mahdi Najaran of UBC; and Malcom Lalkaka, Jag Sandhar, Radu Balan of SFU; were the first place winners for the BCNET Broadband Innovation Challenge. Four student groups presented their broadband projects at BCNET/CANARIE Conference this morning, for the chance to win one of 4 awards, totaling $7000 in prize money.

Najaran's project focused on the evolution of games; enabling epic SPS games to scale on the internet using a cloud environment. In this gaming cloud, Najaran is able to pair high bandwidth with low latency connections, enabling players to adapt the game to the bandwidth they have access to. In this way, players are able to track the connections of other players, scaling up to 200 players in a single game. 

Lalkaka, Sandhar, and Balan presented their innovation titled Virtual Classroom '€” a web application for hosting lectures on-line. Their interface displayed customizable portlets that provide different points of communication between members of a class.  Within these portlets, teachers can stream video lectures and show their slides simultaneously.  Slides are converted from PPT or PDF to an image that be displayed by the instructor, and also navigated by the student at their own pace. The competition was adjudicated by a panel of technology experts, who judged students based on six criteria: difficulty, collaboration, utilization of super broadband networks, commercialization or community potential, and presentation skills.