Kiddle speaks about the GeoChronos platform at BCNET

Cameron Kiddle of the Grid Research Centre spoke about how the GeoChronos Portal is enabling collaboration among earth observtion scientists. Developed in collaboration with Cybera, the University of Alberta, and the University of Calgary, the GeoChronos platform leverages web 2.0 and social networking technologies into a single point of access that can bring together geographically dispersed research communities.

Kiddle approached this project fascinated by the success of Facebook, and the ability of social networking technologies to connect people, applications and data. The need for networking and data storage tool for scientists was clear to Kiddle, leading to the development of the GeoChronos platform.

In Kiddle's demonstration we were showed a variety of different applications that can be accessed over the portal, including Open Office and Unidata, to name a few.

In addition to improving the overall accessibility to earth observation data, GeoChronos also supports the automation of scientific workflows. This means that raw data sets are automatically transformed into usable data sets ready for analysis by scientists.  This is done in a more productive manner, as scientists don't need to maintain applications, and can instead focus on their research results.