Inaugural Edmonton Python Meetup

By Curtis Collicutt, Cloud Developer, Edmonton

python meetupOn Monday, May 13th, 2013 Edmonton had its first Python meetup, taking place at the wonderful Startup Edmonton facilities.

For an inaugural meetup there was great attendance. Around 20 to 25 people came to listen to two Python talks: one on basic setup of a Python 3 environment, and the other on refactoring code using generators. When Aden Grue asked the audience whether they think they are beginner, intermediate, or expert Python users, a large percentage identified themselves as beginner, which was great to see.

In the first talk, Brian Forst went over getting Python 3 installed in an OSX environment. I believe OSX usually comes with Python 2.7, but not Python 3. Even though it's been out since 2008 Python 3 is still not commonly used, as most operating systems come with 2.6 or 2.7. It was good to hear someone suggesting using Python 3, even though it's going to be an extra step to get it installed in most cases.

One thing Brian mentioned which I didn't know about is the Python Wall of Superpowers which displays packages that are not available in Python 3 (in red) and those that are (in green).

Next up was Aden Grue to talk about refactoring Python code using generators. Basically, generators are functions that behave like iterators. I'm going to have to review the slides from his talk and do a bit of testing with generators. (Note that all the talks, including Brian's, are available in the EdmontonPy's github account.)

Thanks to Brian and Aden for taking the time to put together the Edmonton Python meetup and I look forward to learning more about Python, and hopefully putting that knowledge to work at the monthly Hack Night, which is also being hosted at Startup Edmonton.