High-Speed Internet Access For Everyone: A Call to Action

Take action. Now is the time. Cybera encourages anyone interested in the future of Canadian internet to participate and submit responses by January 31, 2014. More information can be found at the CRTC here and here.

Also see the June 2013 speech by Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, on his vision for the future of Canadian telecommunications.

Click here to see Cybera'€™s summary presentation of the CRTC review, and leave your comments below to continue this conversation.

'€œWe believe that enabling better access to wholesale services will help achieve two important public policy goals: (1) Provide an environment that enables Canadian businesses to develop and use transformative digital technologies such as cloud computing; (2) Help Canadians better leverage the existing infrastructure to more effectively serve Canada'€™s large geography with fairly low population density.

Optical technology is foundational for Canada'€™s digital infrastructure. The CRTC'€™s review is timely and appropriate as Canadians have an opportunity to weigh in on the evolution of the current model, which has the potential to spark broad-based innovation that strengthens Canada'€™s knowledge economy.'€
'€” Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO, CANARIE

Cybera'€™s Vision '€” Unrestricted Internet as a Right

  • ACCESS '€” By mandating the regulatory framework for wholesale high-speed access services, the CRTC will put into place the foundation for determining whether every Canadian will be able to access the internet
  • AFFORDABILITY '€” Cybera strongly believes that this access is an important step to ensuring that internet and shared cloud services will one day be provided to all Canadians at the lowest possible price
  • UNMETERED '€” The right to unmetered internet will be an important tool as Canada'€™s digital infrastructure and technology economy develops. This growing digital footprint will give rise to a growing demand for high-speed connections that can carry huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently
  • COMPETITIVE MARKETPLACE '€” By mandating access to the wholesale high-speed access service market, independent service providers will be allowed to compete and provide consumers with a choice of high-speed internet services at a reasonable cost

A Few Key Considerations

  • The last wholesale review was five years ago. A lot can happen in the next five years.
  • The CRTC'€™s review will consider whether to regulate fibre-to-the-home and other above-the-network services.
  • To ensure real, meaningful competition, regulations will be needed to open the market and prevent customer lock-in. Cybera strongly encourages any interested parties '€” in particular the ICT community '€” to provide feedback to the CRTC. Tell your colleagues too.

About Cybera

Cybera is the not-for-profit technology neutral agency that operates and manages Alberta'€™s Research and Education Network, called CyberaNet. This is the dedicated network for unmetered, not-for-profit traffic, and it functions as a strategic tool to aid innovation, research, enterprise and ingenuity in Alberta. Alberta has relied upon the unmetered nature of CyberaNet for the past 20 years to build international-level research and to encourage technical talent to compete and invest in Alberta.

Any questions or comments can be directed to: crtc-feedback@cybera.ca