Green IT in Higher Education

Over 60 delegates are attending the Cybera-hosted session Green IT in Higher Education at Summit 09 right now. Speaking at the event are:

  • Jonathan Schaeffer, Professor, Department of Computing Science, and Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President for Information Technology, University of Alberta
  • Ted Dodds, Vice Provost, Information Technology, University of British Columbia
  • Harold Esche, former Chief Information Officer, University of Calgary
  • And Mathieu Lemay, President and CEO, Inocybe Technologies, who also moderated the discussions

The focus of the session discussions is on how Canada's universities think about green IT and what they are doing to improve and impact the green IT landscape.

"When I started thinking about green IT, it was all about social responsibility," said Schaeffer. "We have the social responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious way." 

The consensus among the three panelists was that while universities are taking small steps towards sustainability, they are not doing enough.

"We as university IT leaders need to do a better job of coordinating our agendas across our campuses when it comes to sustainability," said Dodds.

Some of the steps universities have begun to take to improve the green IT landscape are:

  • better education; creating websites devoted to IT and environmental information
  • promoting turning computers to low power mode
  • promoting buying computers that are not beyond the users' needs
  • getting rid of phone books
  • promoting the consolidation of servers
  • and more

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