Expanded research network to benefit Alberta’s public sector

10G New2

Good news for our current and future members of Cybera: the next-generation advanced 16 Port 10GE Juniper Line Cards have just arrived at our Calgary office. This will help Cybera meet the demand of our ever-growing member base in Alberta.

Once installed, the two line cards '€” which were partially funded by CANARIE '€” will enable network expansions to the City of Calgary and Edmonton'€™s dark fibre over an inexpensive DWDM system.

Why is this equipment needed?

Accessing the City'€™s dark fibre network will improve local bandwidth capacity, provide maximum cost savings, and effectively connect all Alberta educational institutions.

Benefits to Members

The future demand for higher bandwidth is a reality in any sector. This is especially true for educators. Coupled with the demand for more above-the-network services increases, and the increased use of mobile and personal computing devices, the need for higher capacity networks is greater than ever. This cultural shift to online services requires bandwidth that is currently not always reliant or available.

Cybera'€™s efforts to increase its throughput capacity will give members access to reliable next generation networks. The benefits of this access include:

  • Greater efficiency and enhanced delivery of network services for research and education.    
  • The ability to share IT services among research and education institutions, and therefore save costs.
  • Expanded networks services that enable new connections.

Future Considerations

Cybera is responsible for operating the research and education network connection, and will continue to maintain the network with the incorporation of the municipal dark fibre. Once the 16 port 10GE line card has been installed, the additional capacity will expand services, particularly for Cybera'€™s partners such as WestGrid and the University of Alberta. Future reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) expansion, and of course the connection to the City of Edmonton and Calgary, will be used to connect multiple new members, thus creating a sustainable ecosystem of networks.

Finally, as CANARIE is exploring the possibility of 100GE capacity between Calgary and Edmonton, Cybera will be able to take advantage of the newly available 10GE ports to expand its services.