Cybera shares expertise on switching to IPv6 at BCNET

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Cybera made the complete switch to IPv6 earlier this year. Luke Tymowski, Cybera Senior Systems Administrator, and Alvaro Pereira, Network Analyst for Cybera, were invited to BCNET Conference 2011 to share their experience and lessons learned about the transition from IPv4.

Presenting along with Luke and Alvaro in the "IPv6 – Where do we go from here?" session were Yves Poppe, Director of Business Development IP Services, Tata Communications; Andree Toonk, Network Analyst for BCNET; and Steve Hillman, IT Architect, Information Technology Infrastructure for Simon Fraser University.

Poppe and Toonk started the session by talking about their organizations' transitions to date.

Tymowski and Pereira presented Cybera's experience making the switch, outlining some of the minor challenges they overcame along the way. I believe Alvaro actually used the word "easy" to describe the overall process.

Unlike the other organizations represented on the panel, Simon Fraser University has no major plans to make the complete switch anytime soon, according to Hillman. Currently, the campus' technology doesn't support it, and there hasn't been a big demand, if any, for the new infrastructure.

On June 8, 2011 —€” World IPv6 Day — some of the most popular websites, like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, will initiate a one-day trial of IPv6. But will it work? Leave your predictions below.