Cybera offers unique behind-the-scenes look at working datacentre

The next time you walk past the rooftop GreenStar Network node at the Alastair Ross Technology Centre, you may want to take a second look. Inspired by our favourite superheros, we’ve empowered you with an x-ray vision view of the inner workings of this green-powered datacentre.

An enlarged photo of the node’s technical components has been attached to the front door of the node cabinet, offering passers-by a life-sized look into the node, where the servers, a multitude of connections and the batteries contained within are clearly visible. The node is primarily solar powered, however, the batteries are a necessary backup system for those cloudy days.

This node is part of the pan-Canadian GreenStar Network (GSN) Project, funded through CANARIE’s Green IT Program. Cybera manages and operates the Calgary-based node, which is one of five nodes connected to the GSN across the country. The GSN project aims to develop a working model for green information and communications technology (ICT) services. 

 As demand for these ICT services increase, the environmental cost of running these systems is expected to grow rapidly over the next few decades.  By making the process reliant on green energy sources such as wind, water and solar power, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by these machines will be drastically reduced.  Eventually, the GSN Project will connect nodes across Canada. In addition, plans to expand this network into Europe and the US are underway.

Recently, a new connection was made with the Mantychore project, a European Commission program, to enable virtual networks by supporting a number of virtual organizations within Europe.The Mantychore project will be collaborating with the GSN to ensure the facilities are low or zero carbon. For a brief look into the project visit Bill St. Arnaud’s Blog, or for more detailed information please click here

The Cybera-hosted node was launched on June 29, 2010.

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