Climbing the Curve: Introducing the Cybera Technology Radar

"I keep hearing about the magic of the cloud, but I'm skeptical. Is it real? Is it mature enough for my organization to adopt? What are the advantages to me? What technology or skills does it take to incorporate as part of my operational environment?" These are just some of the questions people are asking about the ubiquitous cloud that everyone keeps hearing about. We think we may have some answers.

Today, we are happy to introduce the Cybera Technology Radar. The purpose of the Tech Radar is to share some of the technological details that we've gleaned in the process of executing our many cyberInfrastructure (CI) projects and research. The posts are generally intended for a technical audience and are aimed towards helping lower the barrier to adopting new CI technologies.

What's on the radar? Cybera acts as a catalyst in the space between innovation and technology adoption. Our goal is to help speed the passage of new CI along the technology adoption curve by working with technology innovators and early adopters to run pilot projects that demonstrate the value of these systems. In the course of doing this work, we want to share what we've learned with the community. The Cybera Tech Radar is one vehicle for doing so.

Tech adoption curve

Looming large on our radar at the moment are clouds (pardon the mixed '€” or extended? '€” metaphor). Yes, this is the cloud that everyone is talking about, but we are particularly focused on one aspect of it: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds. Very simply, IaaS Clouds allow the automation of technical operations. They leverage all the components of CI (networks, computing hardware, operating systems, virtualization and software) to provide the automatic allocation and management of computing services, on demand, and without the intervention of operational staff. We believe this is the start of a revolution in the way researchers and businesses access, run and manage CI resources, and we are actively engaged in several pilot projects to understand and spread the adoption of this technology.

Over the coming months, the Cybera staff will regulary post articles to the Tech Radar to share what we've learned about this and other emerging CI technologies. We are keenly interested in learning as well as sharing, and this represents just one aspect of our multi-faceted conversation with the community. With that in mind, we look forward to hearing back from you. Please feel free to comment on any of our Tech Radar posts or contact us if you have detailed questions about any of the topics we cover. We hope you enjoy the ride as we climb the curve together.