BCNET Conference 2015

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Steve Dotto speaks to the audience at the BCNET Conference

A few of Cybera'€™s staff had the opportunity to attend the BCNET Conference in Vancouver last week, and learn how institutions are sharing IT services in B.C. The conference included over 600 participants, who seemed eager to share ideas, insights, experiences and strategies. They also learned of the importance of open mindedness when it comes to embracing the '€œnew'€ and rejecting the '€œold'€.

Canadian technology expert, Steve Dotto, gave the keynote opening presentation, describing the internet as a place, not a thing. He explained that people need to understand how integral internet has now become to our society.

'€œKeeping up with the digital revolution can wear us down, but we can handle it,'€ said Dotto. '€œIf you ignore it, you will be left behind.'€

Recent buzzwords such as '€œdigital immigrants'€ and '€œdigital natives'€ were also brought up. Dotto challenged the idea of digital immigrants, saying that if people don'€™t volunteer or buy into change, they are now digital refugees.

He also emphasized that all human beings, as communicators, need to respect all forms of communication, new or old. The Baby Boomers are now dealing with rapid changes in their working lives as society adapts social media and new digital technology, such as cloud computing and mobile devices. But the Millennials are also having to adapt to the idea that all forms of communication can be as impactful as any other. People therefore shouldn'€™t marginalize others of different technological preferences or understanding by calling them '€œirrelevant'€.

'€œWe have to respect and struggle to understand various forms of technology. We should honour that it'€™s relevant to others,'€ said Dotto.

On the second day, BCNET'€™s CEO Michael Hrybyk gave a series of anecdotes, stories, and lessons from his years as '€œa grizzled IT veteran'€. With a whimsical look at how the passion of a technologist can be a force for good in the larger community, Hrybyk left acknowledging he will be stepping down from the position. He will be a difficult leader to replace!