Answering the why’s and how’s at OpenStack Conference 2012

By Everett Toews, Senior Developer, Edmonton

Next Friday, April 20 at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference, I will be moderating the OpenStack Private Cloud Panel from 10:40am – 11:20am in Breakout room D of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco. I expect it will be an interesting topic and I'€™m really looking forward to the discussion between the audience and the panelists. The synopsis and panelists are below. If you'€™re going to be at the conference, please come join us!

Private cloud is a hot topic right now. Many businesses and organizations are racing to build proof of concepts and put the cloud to work internally. I suspect that we're past the "Why private cloud? Why not public cloud?" questions and we've moved on to the "How?" but perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe we're at a tipping point? Between your questions, our panelists'€™ answers, and the ensuing debate, let's find out where we stand.

The panelists will be:

Ryan Lane

  • Wikimedia
  • Operations Engineer
  • Project lead for Wikimedia Labs, a test, development, and semi-production volunteer managed cloud.
  • 256 users, 192 cores, 2960 GB RAM, 5 TB block storage for instances, 142 TB block storage for projects

Ross Lillie

  • Motorola Solutions
  • Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff
  • 30 years in various research positions within Motorola and now Motorola Solutions, with focus on software and software systems.
  • 60 cores, 100 GB RAM, 42 TB block storage and 100 TB object storage.

Narayan Desai

  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • Principal Experimental Systems Engineer
  • My major interest is building this system to rival the performance of purpose built HPC systems for everything but tightly coupled parallel jobs.
  • 30 users, 4032 cores, 12 TB RAM, 100 TB block storage (expanding to ~7k cores, 30 TB RAM, 600 TB of block storage and 800 TB (raw) object storage)

Jan Drake

  • Disney
  • Principal Cloud Architect

The moderator will be:

Everett Toews

  • Cybera
  • Senior Developer
  • Building OpenStack clouds for use by business, academia and the community while trying spur and support innovation along the way.
  • 40+ users, 768 cores, 1920 GB RAM, 48 TB block storage and 24 TB (usable) object storage

Hope to see you there!