Advanced Swift Features: Part 3


This is the final installment in a series of blog posts covering the advanced features of Swift. All features require the latest version of Swift from the OpenStack Grizzly release. These features also assume that you are already running a Swift storage cluster.

Swift Temporary URLs

Among its many features, Swift also has the ability to support temporary URLs. These are URLs that are only valid for an amount of time you specify. There are several cool use cases for this.

One use case could be selling digital products. When a customer makes a purchase, they have a limited amount of time to access the file (or files) before the URL becomes invalid. This prevents them from sharing the URL with their friends, who would then be able to download the file for free.

Another use case, which will be linked to below, is to provide temporary access to upload files to Swift. This recreates the standard file system drop box (no, not Dropbox. A "drop box" is a shared folder where users have the ability to submit files but cannot read the contents), but with a limited amount of time to be able to submit files.

Implementing Temporary URLs

So in keeping with my practice of never rewriting what's been better written elsewhere, I'm just going to list a few sites that will help with implementing Temporary URLs:

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