$100,000 Prize: A Night with the Manning Nominees

By Jasmine Antonick, Startup Program Manager, Beakerhead

Did you know Canada has an annual innovation prize that awards $100,000 to the top winner? If you didn't you're not alone, but it does give reason to join the ever-growing community of technology and innovation champions in Canada to lift-up and promote the mind-boggling breakthroughs that scientists, developers and researchers are regularly making in our own backyard.

The Manning Innovation Awards annually recognizes individuals who have developed and commercialized game-changing technologies. Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of helping recognize a record-breaking NINE nominees from Southern Alberta as emcee of a special event and reception highlighting each of them.

The event, co-hosted by Cybera CEO Robin Winsor, and the Awards' Executive Director David Mitchell (two remarkably accomplished individuals), toasted the nominees and wished them luck at the October 2012 national awards ceremony. It also allowed each nominee to talk about their creation in a fun, fast-paced rapid fire style. Each presenter had three minutes and three slides.

1) First slide: Personal introduction

2) Second slide: The "Idea"

3) Third slide: A surprising piece of wisdom gained along their journey.

2012 recipients

This made emceeing this event so much fun… At what other tech events do you get to see slides specked with wedding photos and university graduation portraits (oh, the hairdos!)?

On behalf of the Manning Innovation Awards' Southern Alberta chapter, I would like to wish luck to the following nominees:

  • Professor Wael Baday, Intelliview Technologies Inc
  • Dr. Marvin Fritzler, University of Calgary
  • Jake Halldorson, Aqua-Pure Ventures
  • Michall Loh, iConnectivity
  • Dr. Howard Malm, REM Technology Inc.
  • Scott Moore, Precise Transcript Management
  • Daniel Pomerlau, FP Marangoni Inc.
  • Dr. John Remmers, University of Calgary
  • DJ Sures, EZ Robot

It's a humbling experience to be surrounded by Manning Innovation Award nominees. You certainly question what you've done with your life… None of my napkin sketches have ever even made it to prototype phase!

To find out more about the southern Alberta Manning Innovation Award nominees, click here to read the background release and biographies.