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Cybera intervention in the CRTC Review of the reseller registration obligation (Telecom Notice of Consultation 2017-450)

Cybera Intervention in the CRTC Consultation on Development of the Commission’s broadband funding regime (2017-112)

Cybera Submission to the House of Commons Industry Committee Study of Rural Broadband in Canada (2016)

Cybera Intervention in the CRTC Review of Basic Telecommunications Services (Telecom Notice of Consultation 2015-134)

Response to Bell Canada Petition to the Governor in Council to Vary Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-326, Review of wholesale wireline services and associated policies (2015)

CRTC Review: Cybera's Submitted Response on Future of Broadband (July 2015)

CRTC Review: Cybera's Submitted Response on Telecommunications Wholesale Services (January 2014)

CANARIE and Cybera Background Documents

Canada’s National Research and Education Network: Essential digital infrastructure for innovation (2015) — (PDF 7 MB)

Cybera and the Alberta Association in Higher Education for Information Technology (2012) — (PDF 97 KB)

Cybera-enabled results on the Alberta research frontier (2012) — (PDF 189 KB)

Staff Publications

Using Apache VCL and OpenStack to provide a Virtual Computing Lab
Curtis Collicutt and Cameron Mann

OpenStack Operations Guide
Tom Fifield, Diane Fleming, Anne Gentle, Lorin Hochstein, Jonathan Proulx, Everett Toews, Joe Topjian

An internationally distributed cloud for science: the cloud-enabled space weather platform
Everett Toews, Barton Satchwill, Robert Rankin, John Shillington, Todd King
SECLOUD ‘11 Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Cloud Computing, 2011