Three Pilot Projects Draw to a Close for Cybera

(Edmonton, AB, June 4, 2010) '€“ Cybera announces the completion of its coordination of three pilot projects which have produced innovations in the areas of eHealth, cloud computing, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The Secure Electronic Health Records Infrastructure (SEHRI) ProjectDataGardens Virtualization Project, and TRLabs Service Composition Project were initiated in 2008 and collectively valued at more than $2.5 million.

The SEHRI project was a collaboration between Cybera and researchers at the iCore Information Security Lab in the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary'€™s (UofC), and the Health Innovation and Technology Information Center (HiiTEC) at the UofC. Together, they developed a unique system design for protection of data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) that allows only authorized personnel to access patients'€™ data '€“ guaranteeing that patients'€™ consent is enforced and their privacy protected.

'€œElectronic Health Records contain a wealth of sensitive information about individuals. They are of growing interest because they provide a versatile way of sharing patients'€™ data among health professionals and researchers,'€ says Rei Safavi-Naini, computing sciences professor and project lead at the University of Calgary. '€œThe SEHRI design guarantees that personal health information will be only accessible to those who are authorized '€“ that'€™s the tangible benefit of the system,'€ she says.

There are plans to implement the first version of the SEHRI system later this year for use by researchers at the UofC'€™s Faculty of Medicine. Additional SEHRI project partners included MITACS, and the UofC'€™s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Business.

Cybera'€™s DataGardens Virtualization Project was a partnership with Edmonton-based software development company, DataGardens, to address the challenges associated with managing, synchronizing and provisioning IT infrastructure across multiple sites. A portion of the project was supported in part by the Alberta government'€™s Alberta Innovation Voucher Pilot Program.

'€œCyberaNet was used as a testbed environment to see how efficient we were about exchanging critical information,'€ says Geoff Hayward, CEO of DataGardens. '€œWe only want to send critical information because bandwidth between sites is such a precious resource.'€

The project partners included Cybera, DataGardens, Alberta Advanced Education and TechnologyPrecarn, and the University of Alberta'€™s Department of Computing Sciences.

The third project, the TRLabs Service Composition Project, was a collaboration between Cybera and TRLabs to investigate an efficient mechanism for packaging third-party content, such as movies and TV shows. The results of this project have the potential to benefit large telecommunications service providers.

'€œIf you want to watch a movie, you'€™ll be able to get content down to the device very efficiently and play the content wherever you may be,'€ says Bob Davies, Head eHome R&D at TRLabs. '€œThis project was about being able to allocate resources and it kind of opens the world up.'€

As these three projects comes to a close, Cybera is looking to leverage the expertise its staff have gained, and the technologies that have been developed into other pilot project initiatives.

'€œCybera is currently collaborating on five CANARIE-funded projects, and we are seeking new partnerships in the areas of health, ICT, and energy and environment,'€ says Jill Kowalchuk, Vice President, Project & Partnership Development for Cybera. '€œOur specialized expertise and infrastructure facilitates the development and testing of new technologies, advancing innovations and ideas to the marketplace.'€

Cybera support its pilot projects with numerous services, including project management and consulting the areas of cloud computing, advanced networking, high performance computing, and data management. For more information on Cybera'€™s Pilot Project Program, please click here, or send an email.

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About Cybera
Cybera is an Alberta-based not-for-profit organization that spurs and supports innovation to advance the economic well-being of all Albertans. Cybera collaborates with public and private partners to accelerate research and product development in priority areas such as health, energy, environment, and emerging technologies. Cybera operates CyberaNet, a high-speed high-bandwidth advanced network in Alberta, and acts as the prime contractor for the management of WestGrid, a consortium that provides advanced computing in support of research across Canada.

About HiiTEC
The Health Innovation and Information Technology Centre (HiiTeC) provides information management and technology services and support for faculty, staff and students at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine.

About iCORE Information Security Lab
The iCORE Information Security Lab (iCIS Lab) is a research center within the Dapertment of Computer Science, University of Calgary. iCIS Lab is part of Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance at the University of Calgary.

About DataGardens
DataGardens is a pioneer in wide area virtual resource sharing. The company provides solutions to the challenges of sharing information systems between multiple offices and even between individual users that may be spread around the world. DataGardens products reduce cost, improve productivity, and enhance security. DataGardens technology combines the convenience and cost effectiveness of IP storage networking with the flexibility of multi-resource virtualization and the global reach of wide area data services.

About TRLabs
TRLabs is a tri-partite, not-for-profit applied research information and communication technology consortium with an industry-led pre-competitive research and development program. TRLabs fast tracks innovation to market by creating innovative technologies, training students, and working with its partners to accelerate technology commercialization. Labs in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg employ 250. With 86 Partners & Clients representing a unique synergy of industry, government, and academia, technology and applications research focuses on three research themes: Digital Media; eHealth; and Emerging Sectors. In its 23-year existence, TRLabs has trained 903 highly skilled university graduates, created 369 technologies adopted for use by companies, and generated 83 active patents (issued or filed).

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