Taking control of our network

Cybera has changed its networking infrastructure to run solely off of CyberaNet (instead of the University of Calgary'€™s network). We are now in complete control of our network and its devices, which are housed in Cybera'€™s Calgary office. This should translate to more control over our down times and online security settings, and more flexibility when it comes to projects.

And since Cybera'€™s staff is now using the same network that our peering and Internet buying group partners are running off of, we can all expect the same level of high-speed and great service!

In making the transition, we have also configured IPv6 addresses for all the servers we host, including WestGrid'€™s and the University of Calgary'€™s Grid Research Centre (who previously were IPv4 only).

Find out more about the CyberaNet, or see the live traffic maps of the network in action.