Supporting entrepreneurs through StartUp Canada campaign

Cybera is pleased to partner with the Startup Canada Campaign, a nation-wide initiative to support entrepreneurialism. The StartUp Canada Campaign will celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in Canada.

The campaign is currently in a pre-launch and building partnerships phase. There are currently over 70 partners across Canada, and 30 more will be joining in July. Some of these partners include Cybera, the Canadian Venture Capital Association, the Canadian Association of Business Incubators, CATAlliance, ACCT Canada, the BC Innovation Council, Start Me Up Ryerson, Community Futures Saskatchewan, Impact, Centre for Social Innovation, and Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada. Partnership involvement varies from supporting the initial planning to helping to grow the network.

The growing partner community has been a great success. Now, the focus and attention will be placed on building the campaign. Further information with regards to the campaign and its launch will be available in August 2011 on the Startup Canada site.