State of Alberta’s Digital Landscape Report open for review

Keeping Alberta at the forefront of technological change requires an awareness of what technology is available in the first place.

This past fall, Cybera began developing a comprehensive inventory and review of Alberta'€™s existing digital infrastructure landscape, looking at everything from connectivity and computing resources, to cybersecurity and the numbers of highly skilled personnel.

The current draft of this State of Alberta Digital Infrastructure Report is now available for public viewing.

Cybera encourages anyone with a stake in Alberta'€™s digital future to read over this review and submit your feedback to

This report will be referenced by Alberta'€™s leaders when shaping the future of digital infrastructure initiatives and investments, so it is important that it is as thorough and accurate as possible.

We will update the document frequently as more comments come in (and are still sifting through some of the feedback we have already received, so please be patient if you do not see your comments incorporated yet).

Click on the document below to see Cybera'€™s first draft of the State of Alberta Digital Infrastructure Report.

State of Alberta Digital 
Infrastructure Report

infrastructure reportpic    
(PDF 11 MB)