Next three years will drive “above the network” projects that apply technology to the economy

The federal government'€™s confirmation today of a three-year, $62 million commitment to CANARIE for high-speed networking and related entrepreneurial programs will help Cybera accelerate its work in Alberta to build a sustainable economy using advanced technology.

At the core of Cybera'€™s role is the high-speed research and education network that connects all major Alberta research organizations. The network is built by Cybera with support from CANARIE, and will be upgraded over the next three years to keep Alberta institutions in step with international advances, especially as growing data and cloud developments in research and education require new systems to be piloted.

The research network capacity will expand to 100 Gigabits per second (20,000 times faster than the average household broadband connection). Over the next three years, more focus also will be placed on '€œabove the network'€ projects that take advantage of the faster bandwidth to test new ideas and services.

As a province, and as a country, we have done an excellent job of building high-capacity infrastructure, and we must always sustain this. However, our work as an advanced network organization is taking on a fruitful and exciting dimension as we provide hands-on help so that researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs can make use of this technology,'€ says Robin Winsor, President and CEO of Cybera.

For example, the renewed funding will expand the digital testbed environment, DAIR, recently piloted by CANARIE. This '€œsandbox in the cloud'€, developed by technical experts at Cybera and Compute Canada, is a shared R&D environment for small businesses and researchers in the information and communications technology fields. It allows them to design, prototype, validate and demonstrate pre-commercial technologies.

CANARIE will also work with Cybera and other advanced network partners to help the education sector meet its exploding need for bandwidth, more efficiently, particularly for creating and viewing video.

To view CANARIE'€™s funding announcement, click here.

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