Cybera benefits from Cenovus office furniture donation

Robin new furniture smallCybera's staff are now working comfortably in a range of high-end office suites that were donated by Cenovus and the charitable group Deliver Good.

The energy firm collaborated with Deliver Good to give away thousands of its slightly-used office furniture and electronic devices to local charities and not-for-profits. Cybera was one of these fortunate recipients, and has recently installed 10 suites in its office (including the furniture used by President and CEO, Robin Winsor, pictured).

Cybera would like to give special thanks to Cenovus and Deliver Good for this generous contribution.


Deliver Good builds efficiencies into the charitable giving process by connecting charities and non-profits who need stuff with people and companies who have stuff.

The Cenovus Suite Give-Away was a campaign organized at the end of 2012 to repurpose the office furniture and equipment that Cenovus was unable to move into its new head office in The Bow building in Calgary. The company received an overwhelming response to the Give-Away: within the first 45 minutes of the catalogue opening, all inventory was requested by local charities and not-for-profits. The company hopes to make more furniture and equipment available in the near future.