Internet rates for Alberta’s public sector continue to decrease

resizedimage361226-iStock-000075050573-XXXLargeAlberta’s public institutions are getting an early Christmas present this year: Cybera’s Internet Buying Group is reducing its bandwidth rates from $8.50 to $7.50 per Mbps, effective January 1, 2016. This decrease is expected to help members of the group save thousands of dollars each month, and comes at a crucial time for educators as they try to balance limited operational budgets with the increasing need for internet in the classroom.

The Internet Buying Group reduces internet costs for publicly funded institutions in Alberta by pooling members’ internet traffic. As Alberta’s not-for-profit technology accelerator, Cybera negotiates a bulk bandwidth rate from commercial Internet Service Providers to provide members with high-speed internet services at a reduced cost.

This is Cybera’s fifth major price decrease to the Internet Buying Group since its launch in mid-2012. The latest price drop comes from the growing membership base of the buying group, which now includes 46 members across the province. This decrease also reflects a global trend towards lower internet costs.

The Internet Buying Group is just one of the networking services offered by Cybera. Over 500,000 Albertans now connect to CyberaNet (Alberta’s research and education network). Cumulatively, Cybera’s networking services generated over $3 million in cost efficiencies for Alberta’s public sector in the past year alone.

“Having affordable access to high-speed networking is imperative for Alberta’s schools and post-secondary institutions as they work to help students grow and thrive in the 21st century’s digital landscape,” says Christopher MacPhee, Superintendent of the Canadian Rockies Public School Division.

“Among our members, we have seen the demand for data more than double over the last three years,” adds Robin Winsor, President and CEO of Cybera. “We are committed to using our resources to support this need as much as possible, especially during tough economic times.”

The rates for the Internet Buying Group will continue to be evaluated every six months to determine if further reductions can be made. To find out more about Cybera’s networking services, click here.

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Cybera is a not-for-profit technology-neutral organization responsible for driving Alberta’s economic growth through the use of digital technology. Its core role is to oversee the development and operations of Alberta’s cyberinfrastructure — the advanced system of networks and computers that keeps government, educational institutions, not-for-profits, business incubators and entrepreneurs at the forefront of technological change.