Internet Buying Group rates decreasing in 2014

Members of Cybera'€™s Internet Buying Group will see their bandwidth rates go down from $14 to $12 per Mbps, starting in January.

network exchange2 smallThe rate decrease follows Cybera'€™s review of the buying group bandwidth costs. The costs will now be reviewed every six months because the membership base is growing quickly and supplier costs are going down. As the group expands, the price per member decreases.

Since its launch in mid-2012, Cybera'€™s Internet Buying Group has grown to 20 members. Cybera purchases bandwidth on behalf of the group from two Internet Service Providers, to provide redundant service. The price for members is calculated on a cost-recovery basis. This ensures that Alberta'€™s educational, business incubation and not-for-profit institutions are competitive with their global counterparts when it comes to network and above-the-network services.

The buying group is just one service implemented by Cybera to reduce internet costs for publicly funded institutions in Alberta. It has also introduced network services such as direct peering, and helped to establish an Alberta internet exchange, which in turn attracts very large international Internet Service Providers to the province, in addition to TELUS, Shaw, and Bell.

Cybera is a not-for-profit agency that works to accelerate the adoption of advanced technology in Alberta. In one of its core roles, Cybera is the architect and guardian of CyberaNet, the ultra high-speed broadband network that connects Alberta'€™s post-secondary institutions and business incubators to the international system of research networks.

For more information, please contact:
David Chan
Project Manager, Cybera
(403) 210-5332