Emergency cloud computing resources available

calgary floodAlberta businesses that have lost access to their servers or computing facilities may be able to use the cloud computing resources of Cybera, a not-for-profit IT organization in Alberta, on a short-term basis, to get their web sites, email hosting or other services back up and running.

The emergency service will be hosted on a local non-commercial cloud, called the Rapid Access Cloud, that is operated by Cybera.

Cybera is funded in part by the Ministry of Enterprise and Advanced Education, and operates Alberta'€™s Research and Education Network. Cybera'€™s e-infrastructure resources —€” normally used for pilot and research projects —€” will be temporarily allocated to provide relief to businesses affected by the flooding.

Businesses that have a backup of their data can restore it on Cybera'€™s cloud infrastructure for up to 90 days. Businesses may also use the cloud computing resources in other ways that are appropriate for recovery.

Those wishing to create virtual servers on this cloud infrastructure are requested to contact Cybera'€™s cloud development team at flood-relief@cybera.ca.