Digital innovators unite and blog at Canada 3.0

Canada'€™s advanced network alliance today announced the launch of the Digital Innovators blog. The Digital Innovators blog, authored by a community of advanced network users, developers, visionaries and champions, will share information, discuss issues impacting the community, and showcase how researchers, innovators and educators leverage this critical digital infrastructure. Representatives of the network alliance will be blogging live from the Canada 3.0 conference, where digital innovators from across Canada converge to discuss Canada'€™s digital future. Recent blog posts have focused on the pending transition to IPv6, how to best support innovation in Canada, and a new initiative that helps small and medium-sized high-tech companies accelerate their product development and speed time-to-market. 

Canada'€™s advanced network alliance provides ultra high-speed, fibre-optic network connectivity linking researchers, educators and innovators, data and tools across the country and around the world. Comprised of 12 provincial and territorial networks and a national backbone that connects them to each other and 100 international networks, the alliance provides essential digital infrastructure that supports a competitive digital economy and enables Canadians to collaborate with their peers worldwide. The advanced network offers transmission speeds hundreds of times faster than commercial Internet services, together with the capacity to manage the enormous amounts of data that underpin today'€™s most cutting-edge research and innovation.

Some of the initiatives that rely on Canada'€™s advanced network alliance include:

  • development of safeguards against power grid outages and satellite communication disruptions (Alberta);
  • a program in which students can earn a Master of Science degree in Computer Games Technology from the University of Albertay Dundee, Scotland (Ontario);
  • research on fisheries management, acquaculture, oceanography and ecology (Newfoundland and Labrador); and
  • research to improve assisted reproductive technology and enable earlier detection of ovarian cancer (Saskatchewan).

These are a small sample of the thousands of initiatives that depend on the digital infrastructure managed by Canada'€™s advanced network alliance. 

About Canada'€™s advanced network alliance

Made up of 12 provincial and territorial networks and a national backbone that connects them to each other and to 100 international advanced networks, Canada'€™s advanced network alliance enables educators, researchers and innovators to transform how Canadians learn, discover and invent. This tremendous Canadian asset unites minds across the country and around the world, unleashing the potential for groundbreaking discoveries and innovation.