CyberaNet fully operational after the flood

Last week'€™s flooding in southern Alberta has affected the CyberaNet, as some of its fibre pathways have been disrupted.

Members utilizing this network have been largely unaffected, as CyberaNet'€™s redundant connections have been able to compensate for the lost pathways. However, there may be occasional outages as repair work is carried out on the network over the next week.

The CANARIE path to Vancouver has also been affected by the flooding, which means all Peering traffic is being redirected to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX). A backup path through Chicago and Seattle is operating for all other CANARIE traffic going to British Columbia.

Cybera'€™s staff would like to express its sincere thanks to all frontline infrastructure and emergency workers for the tremendous job they are doing in returning power and resources to Alberta'€™s affected areas!