Cybera Reports Back From Global Petroleum Show

Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is the world’s largest oil & gas event. This year it attracted over 62,000 registered attendees, the largest in its history. Cybera was there to make connections for its pilot-project program, and to deliver its cyberinfrastructure message to a wide audience.

This years’s GPS featured a conference attended by Premier Ed Stelmach, executives from Canadian oil companies and the energy minister of the United Arab Emirates. The conference was moderated by the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

Features of the event included the Siemens exiderdome '€” a one-of-a-kind technology exhibit made up of 55 containers, 220 tons of steel and 20 kilometres of power cables, the Global Petroleum Career Exposition, Global Petroleum Show Charity Golf Tournament and the Global Petroleum Show Professional Bull Riders Invitational. 

For more information, visit the GPS website.