Cybera Partners with Cortex on Innovation Voucher Project

Cortex Business Solutions Inc. and its partner Betach Solutions Inc. are collaborating with Cybera to develop and commercialize Cortex'€™s services using an Alberta Innovation Pilot Program Voucher. With Cybera'€™s support and expertise in application development and design for cloud technologies, Cortex and Betach will enhance their services for mobile devices or SmartPhones. Cortex'€™s current target market will remain oil and gas focused. Commercializing this service will translate into a greater usage and transaction volume of the Cortex Trading Partner Network. 

'€œCortex is very excited to be partnering with Betach, Cybera and Alberta Innovates '€“ Technology Futures to initiate and complete this pilot project. The funding will help us to execute and commercialize our QuikFamily services and start providing our current customers with valued-added services,'€ stated Ryan Lailey, VP of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Cortex Business Solutions.

The Alberta Innovation Voucher program aims to serve small technology companies by providing funding to help commercialize their products and services. Alberta Innovates '€“ Technology Futures is looking to build relationships with small businesses that contribute to the growth and diversification of the local economy. Cortex was chosen as a recipient of the grant with the goal to commercialize its QuikFamily services. The enhanced application will allow customers to initiate the processing of an invoice on the same day as the expense occurred or work was completed, thus reducing the amount of time in between completion of a job and payment received. This will help to increase efficiency and improve the liquidity of Cortex customers.

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