Cybera members have improved tool for tracking network use

network patch smallCybera has revamped its CyberaNet Portal, which allows members using the Peering, Research and Internet Buying Group services to access their account information and chart their bandwidth use.

The CyberaNet Portal now features:

  • Streamlined interface
  • Drop down menus for account and graph pages —€” particularly beneficial for members utilizing multiple Cybera services
  • Revised and upgraded graph layout —€” graphs have been placed on the same page for easy data comparison and adjustable axes for detailed viewing
  • For Internet Buying Group members, access to total utilization rates, as well as just peering and transit
  • Dashboard access to most recent alerts and events
  • Simplified process for requesting a bandwidth change
  • Access to individual Internet Buying Group contracts (if applicable)

Member login information remains unchanged.

Cybera encourages all connected members to have a look and discover the personal internet monitoring tools available to them. The CyberaNet Portal has been designed with the members in mind, so any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.