Cybera Launches Cyberinfrastructure Lunch ‘N’ Learn Series

26 February 2008
Cybera is launching a new Cyberinfrastructure Lunch ‘n Learn seriesto keep you connected with current cyberinfrastructure movements,innovations and inspirations. For each Lunch ‘n Learn session, Cyberawill host a guest speaker who will explore a current hot topic or trendinvolving industry or academic technology innovation. The inaugural session will be held on March 20, 2008, at the University of Alberta.

The series’ first keynote speaker is Michael Sikorsky, CEO of Cambrian House. Cambrian House is home to the world’s first crowdsourcing community: a diverse collective of creative, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial minds. Crowdsourcing was coined by Jeff Howeof Wired Magazine in 2006 to describe a business model in which acompany or institution takes a job traditionally performed by anemployee and outsources it to an undefined, generally large group ofpeople in the form of an open call over the internet.

For more information, visit our lunch ‘n’ learn page.

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