Cybera Introduces Cyberinfrastructure Blog

13 March 2008
If you want a definition of Web 2.0, cyberinfrastructure, cloud computing, and crowdsourcing, go to Wikipedia. But if you’re looking for something beyond a simple definition — if you want to know how today’s disruptive technologies impact your research, business, organization or project — then you should tap into Cybera’s new blog, Cyberinfrastructure 2.0.

Cyberinfrastructure 2.0 will chronicle advancements in cyberinfrastructure and Web 2.0 trends and technologies. Get the latest take on computing and network technology from Cybera’s panel of experts that keep connected with current cyberinfrastructure movements, innovations and inspirations.

Give someone a link, and they can surf the Internet.

Give someone cyberinfrastructure, and they can activate the Internet.